Two-day tour of Shaoguan in 2017


In order to better promote the development and inheritance of our company's corporate culture, let all colleagues relax, relieve pressure, and enhance communication and communication between colleagues, our company organized a two-day Shaoguan tourism activity for staff on December 9 and 10.

On the day of the tourism activity, all my colleagues gathered in front of the company to count the number of people. After taking a group photo, the company embarked on a pleasant journey. After a 4-hour drive, I finally arrived at the "Yunmen Mountain Scenic Area", the first stop of this event, and felt the feeling of "stepping on the auspicious clouds and flying in the clouds" of the Yunmen Mountain glass bridge, and finally experienced the legendary glass bridge. The brave colleague took the lead on the glass bridge, and the slightly timid colleague also stepped on the glass bridge with the help of other colleagues. When you come here, you always have to experience it without regret; after a bumpy and tiring day, my colleagues with swimsuits soaked in warm hot springs in the hotel, which made them feel better. Early the next morning, I went to Danxia Mountain Scenic Area, a key tourist attraction. Danxia Mountain is the naming place of the world's "Danxia Landform". My colleagues experienced the Danxia Cruise on the Water here and came to the last stop of this trip, "Danxia Mountain Polar Ice and Fairy Fairy Fairy World" in the afternoon, but we can still see our colleagues having a good time here. Due to the rush of time, the return trip began at 2 pm, and everyone was filled with happy smiles and laughter.


Take a photo of Yunmen Mountain when you set out.



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