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Three-day trip of Guilin in 2019

Three-day trip of Guilin in 2019

     To enhance staff communication and motivate work enthusiasm, Lanson Electronics organized the tourism activity “Dream Journey to Guilin” on Sept. 21, 2019, starting a three-day tour of beautiful landscape.      It took more than three hours by high-speed train to arrive in Guilin at first day morning. We visited several scenic spots to have a deep understanding of this tourist city, including the Jingjiang Palace with a history of more than 600 years, and the Sun Moon Pagoda with a magnificent view, feeling the cozy life of local households under small bridges and flowing water in this scenic town of Guilin.      On the second day, we continued the sightseeing, such as Silver Rock Scenic Spot marked as “the world cave wonders”, the “Fairyland” graded as national AAAA-level scenic spot and the “Maling Ancient Town”, tasting the local snack tofu feast. Enjoying beautiful scenery and trying local snacks allow us to feel the charm of minority ethnic customs in Guangxi.      On the third day, we visited the Li River in Yangshuo County by a bamboo raft, and enjoyed the famous scenes along the river, like “Mural Painting Cliff”, “Fine Scenery at Xingping”, “Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate”, and “Beauty Mirror”. Cruising the river by boat, we felt like we were walking into a beautiful painting, and the scenery was presented in front of us like wonderful landscape pictures.      We ended the delightful tour of Guilin in the fascinating scenery. This event not only enriched employees’ spare time life, but also strengthened the collaboration among different departments and the cohesion within the company. We believe that as long as we work together, the future of Lanson Electronics will be better.
Three-day Trip of Yingde, Guangdong, in 2018

Three-day Trip of Yingde, Guangdong, in 2018

   To enrich the after-hours life of employees, at 7:30pm on October 12, 2018, two tour buses carrying Lanson Electronics employees headed to Yingde City, Guangdong Province, known as “Little Guilin”, for a two-day trip.     The first stop was the “Xianqiao Underground River”. Stalactites in various shapes were scattered in the deep and tortuous caves, as if they were telling the legendary story of past days, revealing the grandeur described in the verses “clear water is seen in the deep and shallows and the lake is as bright as mirror no matter in spring or autumn.” In the afternoon, we went to the “Qidong Hot Spring Resort”. Surrounded by mountains with green and luxuriant vegetation, fronting the misty idyllic scenery, the resort was like a fairyland and formed a retreat away from the world. In the evening, we gathered in the villa for a picnic, and enjoyed the do-it-yourself feast for the first time. The next day we arrived at the “Dongtian Cave Fairyland,” which is known as “the biggest sinkhole in South China.” Based on its unique karst landforms and geographical features with deep ravines, it integrates the scenery of mountains, water, rocks, lakes, stalactites, waterfall, flyover, sinkholes and oasis. When we rafted on sinkhole, we traversed the glass skywalk suspended over the karst cave. On our return trip, we hiked on the suspended path, enjoying the beautiful scenery endowed by the forces of nature. Our excitement was not affected by the occasional drizzles during the journey. At last, we strolled through the countryside and enjoyed birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers of Guanyin Valley, ending our two-day tour in Yingde.     This trip not only enriched employees' life outside work, but also strengthened communication and collaboration among departments, and mutual understanding among colleagues, thus enhancing the company's cohesion for joint development.
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