Stick to the red line of fire safety fire drill alarm bell ringing


Adhere to the fire safety red line Fire drill alarm bell ringing

       -- The company successfully held the first half of 2022 fire drill



To effectively strengthen the company'sFire FightingSafety work, improve the fire safety quality, safety prevention and self-rescue ability of all staff,With the support of the company's leadership,6Month24DayAfternoon17When the whole,CompanyHeldHidden dangers are more dangerous than open fires, and prevention is better than disaster the theme of the fire emergency safety drill activities. CompanyDeputy LeeGeneral and leaders of various departments

And all the staff participated in the exercise.

Before the drill,In accordance with the spirit of the company's leadership instructions, a special headquarters was set up to coordinate the deployment and command of the fire drill activities;CompanyAll departments together.Combined with the actual situation of the company, carefully formulate thisFire FightingExercise program, clearParticipantsDuty Requirements, drill content, drill procedures, etc,ForThis fireThe successful holding of the drillA solid foundation has been laid.


This fireThe main contents of the drill include: explaining the fire fighting method when a fire accident occurs; Inform the layout of the company's fire fighting facilities; Demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants on site, and organize the actual operation of everyone; Explain the emergency evacuation and escape methods when a fire occurs and conduct on-site drills.

This exercise is performedSupervisor Wei of Administration DepartmentAs commander-in-chief, firstDirector WeiFire safety knowledge training for employees, from daily fire safety work to the use of fire appliances.and how to escape in the event of a fire,Explain and demonstrate for everyone, and supplement the necessary knowledge that some employees lack in fire safety..

In the practical exercise, there areThere are three simulated fire extinguishing scenarios: "Using fire extinguishing equipment to extinguish oil pool fires", "Using water and sand to extinguish solid fires" and "Using wet cloth to extinguish fires in containers. Under the guidance of the safety administrator, the employees in groups of 2 quickly picked up the fire fighting equipment and rushed to the "fire point": dry powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers were used to put out the "oil" fire. Solid fire extinguished with water and sand; The fire in the container was suffocated with wet cloth. One after another, sweating and running, one after another wonderful save, the arrogant flame has been successfully contained again and again.

During the exercise, the commander-in-chief was calm and calm, unhurried, and the participating employees were quick and skilled, and successfully completed the exercise of the predetermined subjects.During the whole exercise, the process was tightly arranged, the personnel organization was tense and orderly, and the fire fighting action was rapid and effective. While fully learning the fire fighting knowledge and practicing the fire fighting process on the spot, the staff also exercised the ability to deal with emergencies quickly and decisively and the spirit of unity and cooperation.

Finally, Vice President Li made a summary of the exercise.The purpose of fire drills is to prevent problems before they occur. The company has always regarded safety as the top priority of the company and safety production as the company's top priority. The company holds fire knowledge training and drills from time to time every year, aiming to improve the fire awareness and safety skills of all employees of the company through fire knowledge training and on-site simulation exercises, and to test the organizational ability, emergency response ability and actual combat ability of the company's fire safety, so as to create a safe and harmonious environment for the majority of employees., I hope all staff will actively participate in the drill.