Lanson Electronics Held Lean Management Project Launch Conference


In order to consolidate the company's basic management, to achieve.The modern management level of "excellence and perfection,Company in8Month4DayMorning08:30on the third floorConference RoomThe Lean Management Project Launch Conference was held. Meeting by CompanyWei Zhongwen, Director of Administration DepartmentPresided over,Ningbo ZhilifanEnterprise management consultingLimitedCompanyCounseling the oldDivisionZhou Shubing and Li Wei, Deputy General ManagerLi JunbingAs well as the company's middle management personnel, lean office personnel, lean implementation team members, workshop team leaders, key staff representatives, etc.ThreeMore than ten people attended the meeting.


ModeratorFirst of allIntroductionIt'sMain Agenda of the Conference,As well as the company leaders, tutors and heads of departments, workshop team leaders, etc. who attended the conference.SubsequentlyDeputyGeneral ManagerComrade Li Junbing is rightLeanManagement ProjectImplementation StatementThe purpose of lean production management is to eliminate all waste, reduce costs, march towards zero defects and zero inventory, and achieve maximum output with the least amount of input. All units should raise awareness and take lean management as an important means and effective measures to consolidate the basic management of enterprises: first, they should correctly understand the connotation and essence of lean, and continuously improve the level of lean management closely around the production and operation center; second, managers of all departments should attach importance to lean, earnestly study and apply what they have learned; third, they should vigorously improve the level of production automation and improve the ability to guarantee the essence of safety and quality; the fourth is to put the concept of lean management into the mind and continue to level.

Then the moderator read out the authorized appointments of the members of each promotion team of the lean management project. Teacher Zhou, the tutor, briefly introduced the objectives and plans of the lean management project and made an oath.




Then the host led all the members present to take the oath and asked the vice president of the company,Lean leadership team members, Lean Office, eachWorkshop team leaderrespectively in"Military Order"signed on,proceedSelf-commitment, self-pressure.



Vice President of the CompanyHe said that we should actively work with lean managementCoachingThe teacher cooperated, mobilized the whole staff to participate, and fully carried out the following work: First, do a good job in the planning and organization of lean production management projects. The second is to carry out systematic lean management knowledge training. The third is to carry out in-depth lean management as planned. The fourth is to do a good job in team building. The fifth is to carry out the benchmarking of lean indicators, improve the quality of operation and management, and ensure the immediate and normal operation of the project.



Lean from the heart to start, improve from me. All levels of the companyManagement personnelWe must attach great importance to it, change our thinking and actively participate in all kinds of lean management work. It is necessary to widely publicize, fully participate, create an atmosphere, improve the mechanism, and link the improvement of the quantity and quality of proposals with the work performance of employees. It is necessary to give full play to the role of system management and the entire team, establish a sound training system, cultivate lean management talents and teams, strengthen supervision and management down-to-earth, implement the concept of lean management to every employee of the company, and ensure the smooth implementation of lean management.2022The theme of the company's management is determined as the year of lean management. Taking this as a starting point, the company's management level, quality level and efficiency level will be comprehensively improved, so that the company's various management will reach a new level and write a new chapter in the company's development.