A new journey to build the future-Lanson Electronics new plant decoration started good luck!



With the successful delivery of the new plant in Huizhou CIMC Zhicheng Industrial Park, the construction of the new plant began to enter the renovation stage.2023Year4Month22On this festive and joyful day, the "renovation commencement ceremony" of our new factory building was held in Zhicheng Industrial Park in the new park.12The first floor of the building was held ceremoniously. Our leaders, department representatives and decoration company representatives attended the commencement ceremony to record this historical moment.



Afternoon14When38Points, the company's general manager Guo Zong announced that "the renovation has officially begun", salute, cheers one after another, this is a moment of joy and joy! This is a leap-forward progress on the road of Liangsheng Electronics. It is an important milestone on our way forward. It has opened a new development journey for Liangsheng Electronics. Today we will further speed up and enter the fast lane of steady and high-speed development!



The new plant of CIMC Zhicheng Industrial Park will be officially renovated from now on. The renovation period is expected to be three months, and the project will be completed after completion.8000More than square meters of new plant, the company will be relocated here. The new plant has a total of six floors, covering current fuses, temperature fuses, composite fuses, gas discharge tubes and other types of fuse products to improve the research and development of experimental testing and manufacturing processes, and actively provide customers with first-class high quality of fuse manufacturing supporting services, will further enhance the company's production strength, help the rapid development of China's electronics industry.



Based on a new starting point, embark on a new journey and create new glory. With the market as the forerunner, technology as the support, service as the driving force, thinking about what customers think and what customers are anxious about, all the winning people will, under the leadership of the company, forge ahead for the common dream of Do not forget your initiative mind, and continue to create new brilliance!