New Ideas, New Tasks and New Goals-Lanson Company Held a Pledge Conference to Launch "6S" Management Project


In order to strengthen the company's modern management and further improve the level of enterprise management, the company has introducedThe concept and method of "6S" management. At 7:40 a.m. on November 2, the company held a grand "6S" management project promotion kick-off meeting. comrade Li junbing and other company leaders, heads of departments and workshops, team leaders and all employees attended the meeting.



The kick-off meeting was presided over by Wei Zhongwen, the administrative head of the administrative department. Li Junbing, deputy general manager, attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech, asking all employees of the company to have a deep understanding of the implementation.The significance of "6S" management, resolutely eliminate the ideological misunderstanding of implementing "6S" management, grasp the key points, and make solid progress to ensure that "6S" management takes root in the company and bears fruit.



Invited by Liangsheng CompanySenior Consultant of "Zhilifan" Company: Fu Yang and Yuan Jun came to guide "6S" management and training. Teacher Fu introduced the purpose and significance of "6S" management, the content of "6S" and the methods and measures to do "6S" well. Wei Zhongwen, deputy leader of the "6S" project, read out the list of members of the "6S" project team and the audit team, as well as the assessment methods and reward standards for doing a good job in the "6S" management.



Li made an important speech, he pointed out: for the continuous and efficient promotionFor the "6S" management work, Liangsheng Company invited two well-known experts from "Zhilifan" Company to give us an inquiry and feel the pulse to further promote the "6S" management work. The "6S" management work will be carried out in two stages this year. We will continue to optimize the production site, promote the brand building of Liangsheng, and enhance the good image of Liangsheng Company by carrying out "6S" management and rectification activities. To this end, Li always stressed: first, change the old ideas and enhance the awareness of "6S. "6S" management is a systematic work. I hope everyone will fully realize the importance and urgency of doing this work well. This is not only a matter for members of the leading group, but also requires the active participation of all employees, unify their thoughts and actions to promote this work, and make unremitting efforts to improve the management level of the company.

Second, strengthen management and assessment. The company has issued a report on doing a good job.The assessment method of "6S" management rewards employees who do well and punishes those who fail to meet the standards. Through rewards and punishments, we can promote continuous improvement and persevere in "6S" work.



The meeting explained the new concept and deployed the new task, which is both a good win company.The kick-off meeting of the "6S" management project is also a pledging meeting that must do a good job in this work. The implementation of the "6S" management project cannot be separated from the overall promotion of the departments in teams and groups and individuals. Under the leadership of Wei Zhongwen, deputy head of the "6S" project, all the leaders and employees at the meeting stood up and raised their right hands to solemnly swear that they are determined to do a good job in the "6S" management.

Sworn in:

We are the core of Liangsheng enterprise, shouldering the important task of Liangsheng enterprise; dare to face problems, take the initiative to solve, never escape; take the company as the most important, implement decisions, fully and unconditionally cooperate with the work of tutors, and promote"6S" fine management project reform; Starting from me, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, match words and deeds, and strive for the realization of "6S" fine management for Liangsheng enterprises!!!



Subsequently, company leaders, managers of various departmentsThe supervisor, monitor and project members took the stage, signed their names on our oath wall and took photos with our tutors.




Liangsheng CompanyThe "6S" management project promotion activity has been officially launched. Let's make concerted efforts to participate in the "6S" and build a better victory!




Convening InitiationSince the "6S" management pledging conference, under the leadership of "6S" leading group leader Li zong and under the specific guidance of experts from "6S" consulting company, liangsheng company is carrying out "6S" work in full swing.