2016 Yangjiang Hailing Island Two-Day Tour


On September 24 and 25, 2016, the company organized a two-day tour of Yangjiang Hailing Island for some employees. This tour of Yangjiang Hailing Island includes four scenic spots: Chikan Ancient Town, Gold Coast, Shili Silver Beach and Yujiale Cruise.

Starting from Shenzhen at 8: 00 a.m. on the 24th, after more than 3 timesAfter a bumpy journey of hours, I arrived at Chikan Ancient Town. After getting off the bus, I enjoyed the local special food "Monopterus albus Rice". After eating and drinking, I began to visit the first scenic spot "Chikan Ancient Town". Here, I feel the rich southern characteristics and strong cultural heritage of Chikan ancient town. Then I went to the "Gold Coast" scenic spot, where I experienced a variety of water amusement facilities. Before you know it, the day passed. After dinner and staying in the hotel, everyone began to move freely in groups, feeling the unique charm of the island night. After breakfast the next day, we came to "Shili Silver Beach". The air here is fresh, the water quality is clear and transparent, and the sun and beach bring us different enjoyment. The last stop is to experience the "Yujiale Cruise": go fishing and eat Yujiale paella. Good time is always short, colleagues with a happy mood to return to Shenzhen……


Before departure, the company took a photo at the gate of the sea speedboat.



Shili Yintan Nanhai No.1 Museum