Shenzhen Wildlife Park Day Tour


Shenzhen Liangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.'s annual tour in 2015 is a one-day tour of Shenzhen Wildlife Park. This tour is an employee who has served the company for more than one year and is an established annual tour plan. The first is to reflect the company's affirmation and care for the work of employees; the second is that the company advocates a working atmosphere of combining work with rest, unity and cooperation, and takes this opportunity for everyone to relax and give the soul a walk-and-go tour.

Shenzhen Wildlife Park is the first scenic spot in China with a new subtropical garden ecological environment system, which integrates animals, forests, plants, popular science and other characteristics and ornamental functions. The garden is full of beautiful scenery, and the scenery is charming. In the north, there are rolling green mountains as screens; in the south, there are more than 30 stone carvings of giant animals; in the east, there are lush litchi forests; in the west, there is the rippling Xili Lake.. The air here is fresh and the environment is quiet. Small bridges, waterfalls, lakes and mountains reflect each other. There are also more than 300 varieties and more than 10,000 wild animals. Among them, the beast area is thrilling and exciting. Waterfowl lake is full of waves, and flocks of birds are playing and chasing. Herbivorous animals roam around in the herbivore area.

    11January 1, 8 a.m.At half past ten, everyone boarded the tour bus with excitement and joy! After a 40-minute trip, I came to Shenzhen Wildlife Park. Under the arrangement of the tour guide, everyone checked in orderly. In groups of three or five, they all take out cameras and mobile phones to take pictures of each other, take selfies, or take pictures of those cute birds and animals. They are very busy! Time passed quickly... One day passed, and everyone set foot on the return bus with unfinished smiles of excitement......




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