Love donation report


"Jiang Peng:2010Year11Month29DayJoined, currently a quality controller in the quality control department of the company.2014Year8Month4Day at noonThe disease is now diagnosed as "cerebral venous thrombosis" compressing the nerves. He is undergoing conservative radiation treatment in Shenzhen Peking University Hospital. The daily medical cost is nearly 2,000 yuan!"This is the exact and unfortunate news that the manager of the administrative department of Shenzhen liangsheng electronics co., ltd brought back after visiting on August 12, 2014. As soon as I went to work on August 13, the administrative department immediately reported the situation truthfully and discussed the handling opinions with the company leaders. The leader of the company said on the spot: "if employees have difficulties, the company should help them so that they can work in the company with peace of mind." The company's financial advances medical funds and advocates fund-raising for employees throughout the company. After receiving instructions, the Administration Department posted the "Proposal for Fundraising" on August 14. After the news came out, the company expressed its support.

Raising donations and giving love is the last life-saving grass for employees after doing everything possible in difficult times. Shenzhen Liangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. adheres to the employee relationship management concept of "treat employees kindly and help each other in the same boat", and has been working hard to improve the working and living environment of employees. The working hours of this fund-raising activity reflect the care and attention of the company leaders to the employees, and use practical actions to relieve the worries of employees, so that the majority of employees can work in the company with peace of mind and peace of mind.

The donation activity carried out by the company on August 21 has been successfully completed. A total of 31850 yuan was collected in this activity, which was handed over to Jiang Peng's family that night, and urged them to treat the disease with peace of mind, strengthen nutrition, and strive to overcome the disease as soon as possible. On September 5, Jiang Peng sent a thank-you letter, thanking all the employees of the company for their generous donation. Now their condition has improved. Please rest assured and wish all colleagues a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! On September 22, good news came: Jiang Peng was discharged from the hospital and is now resting at home. Below is a touching picture of the fundraising scene.


Before the fundraising meeting, colleagues gave generously.


                       The minds of the employees, the minds of everyone