Lanson 2019 Spring Festival Party



Hand in hand, create brilliant


Sing a new movement of harmony and draw a bright future together.2019Year1Month12Day afternoon16:00Shenzhen Liangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd.2019The annual meeting of the New Year kicked off.Company employees at all levels gathered together to share a wonderful feast. 



At the beginning of the party, the general manager of the company delivered a new year speech, reviewing the brilliant achievements made in the past year, planning a beautiful vision for 2019, and expressing deep wishes to employees at all levels. In this annual meeting, the various departments of the company provided shape.Various performances, songs and dance programs are dizzying and colorful, and the lottery will push the annual meeting to a climax. The wonderful annual meeting activities not only bring laughter to everyone, but also make the hearts of employees moreCloseness increases the employee's sense of belonging.


良胜   良胜

2019 is a new starting point for Liangsheng Company. The company always adheres to the business principle of "excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect service", and strives to provide customers with the best quality products and the best service. "Hand in hand, create brilliant", we are full of confidence, willing to work with all customers to a better tomorrow!